I'm Yunus Shaikh Senior PHP/ Angular/ Laravel/ Vue/ Wordpress Developer


Full Stack Developer
Heaptrace Technologies
Technical Associate

I am a passionate web Developer, I started my career with Core PHP and then end up with Full-stack developer. For backend, I mostly use Laravel Framework+MySql and for frontend, I like to work on angular and VueJS, I have spent 3 years in startup and Managed small and large team. I worked on multiple projects at the same time and Manage to deliver what the client asks for. It was great learning curve those days. I had limited resource and some times requirements didn't match my skills, in spite of that, I was able to get the work done.

  • Can Work on any PHP Framework, Personally, I like Laravel Framework.
  • When it comes to frontend I like to work on Angular and VueJs.
  • Can create Responsive Website from Mockups/PSD/. I have used Bootstrap/Tailwind CSS/Bulma framework. I know SCSS, SASS, Flex, Grids, Webpack, Gulp.
  • Follow PSR standards for PHP and give quality code, I try my best to follow SOLID principles and design patterns. I write code which can be understood by any other developer. It's important if you are working in a team.
  • Worked on Healthcare domain, ECommerce applications, ERP, Sales Dashboard, CMS, Customized Web apps.
  • Worked on Payment Gateways like Braintree, PayUMoney, Stripe, Authorize.net.
  • Deployed applications on Apache/Nginx server on AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, Godaddy.
  • Worked on MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL.Can Migrate Websites/Web Applications across different platforms.
  • Can do SEO.
  • For code version control I use Git and I am aware of Git Flow and releases.
  • For project management, I have used JIRA, Basecamp, and Trello.
  • I am a Team Player